Make the best of your data with Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is the self-service solution to quickly analyze, explore and view data and information. Our consultants at Chimera Informatica customize Zoho according to your request in order to reach your goals!

+40 Apps for successful SME

The suite with over 40 ready-to-use applications to manage all business activities. A reference platform for small and medium enterprise

Key Benefits of Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics turns raw data into reports and dashboard, allowing you to track key metrics, detect anomalies and understand future trends

Unify your data from various sources

Easily integrate files, feeds, business apps, and databases with our connectors. Centralize all your data in one place

Prepare data for analysis

Cleanse, transform, improve, and catalog your data for optimized analysis with our self-service modules

Powered analysis with AII

Boost your analytics with artificial intelligence and generate automated information with a single click

Analyze data visually

Use charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular visualization tools for the best data analytics

Share information with everyone

Start a more effective collaboration and manage custom user permission

Integrated BI

A low-code or code-free template to create and integrate your analytics

Custom solutions

Choose custom solutions with Zoho to improve your business, empower efficiency and success. Invest in changes with tools supporting your vision.

always on hand

Your data, reports, and dashboards can be accessed from iOS and Android mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


500+ ready-to-use integrations


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